Up All Night with Bailee

Bailee’s good-girl and down-to-earth attitude took us for a loop when we first met. Not exactly what you‘d imagine for a shoot for the Hard Rock. But with the lights switched on and the camera ready, Bailee’s sweet demeanor took a 180 for the lens. And, boy, did she deliver.

Forget the fact that we started mid-afternoon and didn’t finish the last shot until two in the morning. Bailee was a true trooper, slithering in and out some of the tight leathery outfits picked out for her.

As part of my photographic duo duties, I storyboard the locked down locations/angles for logistics. Since this was more editorial, much of the photoshop work were minor tweaks and color grading, adding a bit of contrast here and there and homogenizing the look and feel of the shoot.

FRANCIS R. BAYTAN  phranz.b@gmail.com